Dixie is famous tiktoker also known as charli’s sister who sang be happy. Ceo of ᗷᕼᑌᗴᔕᒍYᗴᔕ.
Dating Mister noah thick neck
Girl: hey! Do you know who dixie damelio is?!
Me: yeah she dating dating that big neck guy
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Dixie damelio is apart of the damelio family her and her sister charli damelio rose to fame off the popular app tiktok. Dixie is a instagram model as well, her new hit single Be Happy just released. Her new boyfriend Griffin Johnson is a fucking simp LMFAO 🖤☁️
Dixie Damelio is beautiful
by Grixiestan July 06, 2020
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Widely known as “Charli’s sister” and jokes about it with her friends from time to time. Followed mostly because her sister, she normally is the background of Charli Damelio’s TikToks. People normally come to Dixie’s page to make her say hi to Charli for them.
“Did you see Charli’s Sisters new post? It’s so funny!”
“Her name is Dixie Damelio.”
by iiatheqq January 14, 2021
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A fucking inconsiderate bitch who got fame for being charli fraudmelios sister.

She chose not to go to college because someone made a tiktok stating their playing her music at a frat party, but first of all who told you to make a music career in the first place? You did that to yourself.

Some students would kill to have the opportunities as you. Let alone a trip to college, but you only got a free pass cause your white, and wealthy.

Do not look up to tiktokers like her.

Education comes before anything no matter how rich you are.

Because even if you are a millionaire you can end up poor all over again.
Dixie Damelio is sucks.
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Charlie damelio’s hotter sister who made a song that Charlie will dance to and get more likes than the actual song.(her parents still like Charlie more.)
Dixie damelio has half the followers that Charlie has
by Emeraldredneck July 01, 2020
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The girl trying to steal my boyfriend and claiming they are "besties". Ya know sometimes I dont wanna be happy.
by Tabs_4264 September 07, 2020
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Beautiful Human. sang most popular songBe Happy”.
“Omg have you heard Dixie Damelio’s new song!?”
“Yeah and she’s sooo pretty too!!”
by Dixie Damelio September 19, 2020
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