During sexual intercourse, if a girl has failed to properly wax an/or shave, while taking her from behind, one performs a reach around, grabs a clump of pubic hair and rips it out violently while yelling "FORE!"

Background: Originating from the game of golf, a divet is a clump of grass that has been struck from the ground.
That skank had a 70s afro bush between her legs, so I gave the bitch the divet.
by Mr. Violence June 01, 2004
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A Divet is another name 4 a womans pink parts!
here biys i just left donnas divet looking like a pun of mince.

the dirty bitch was puttin bits of diced meat in her divet.

i gotta get some divet nd run up in it.
by the pervert! October 05, 2010
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