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A child who plays in the drainage ditch in a trailer park, popping their heads up as cars drive by.
As soon as the snow melts and the ditch starts filling with water, the Ditch Chickens are there playing.
by amywarhol April 21, 2011
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Also known as a "dicken", a dirty old bird that lives its whole life in a filthy ditch on the side of the road. They are easily poached and roasted with a plethora of spices, they're prime eatin' for reserve Indians.
{Injun 1} Hey, Crouching Beaver that was a delicious ditch chicken you cooked up with a plethora of spices
{Injun 2} Yeah, I was driving down some road in a truck I stole the other day, when I stuck one with my pokin' stick
by VernonGaye April 24, 2011
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Used primarily in the underground world. Made popular around the Upstate New York area.

1) A woman who continues to hook up with men out of her league, and consistently gets rejected and goes back to hanging out with regs.

2) A lady who has spent a long time dating one guy and is dumped for a another more attractive mate.

3) A person you find throwing up while trying to find a good place to take a piss outside a party.

4) A streewalker who can be seen wandering around after 3 AM or 4 AM.
You hear Taylor dated Seth Green. Guess what she dumped her, and now she wants back with me. She's such a ditch chicken.

Hey bro whos the ditch chicken out back with the heaves?

Come on, we should stop and pick up a ditch chicken; it's our last night in Vegas.
by SsTtUu May 16, 2011
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