The greatest place on earth, or at least in the continental United States. A place that anyone of any age can have fun, sure it's mad expensive, but it's worth it.
Me - Hey Mom!! I want to get on Tower of Terror now!! C'mon, hurry up, move with a purpose!! This is DIsney World!!
Mom - Sade, shut up, stop acting like you're 5. We have time to get on all the rides you want to get on just wait.
Me- (mumbles)

I get really excited when we go to Disney World.
by Shaday July 10, 2008
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Although it's known as the happiest place on earth, it's definitely not. Whether you go to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdom, there's screaming crying children everywhere... if you bring your own kids it's even more of hell. Basically your better off going kid free.
Person 1: I just surprised my kids with a trip to disney world we all can't wait to go!

Person 2: ha good luck it's gonna be hell

Person 1: Why would you say that

Person 2: your children will become ungrateful little brats
by I can't think of a username 56 December 22, 2019
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The Happiest Place on Earth! Sure it's expensive AF but lemme tell you that it's completely worth it. Your smile will be genuine for the first time in a while (at least for me). It's great fun! 4 Theme Parks, 2 Water parks, Disney Springs, Golf Courses, and all The resorts make up Walt Disney World which is essentially the size of San Francisco.
Dad: Hey Kids, guess what?
kids: what?

later that night...
Kid 1: Can you sleep?
Kid 2: No, I'm too excited!
Kid 1: I bet it's gonna be so fun! There are so many cool rides!
Kid 2: BET
Dad: Come on kids go to sleep!
Kids: We're too excited!!!
by lglifeisgood June 16, 2020
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The world's only people trap operated by a mouse. You get overcharged for everything, but have so much fun in the process that by the time you realise you don't have enough money to eat for the rest of your pitiful vacation, you've already starved.
We went to Disney World and later declared bankruptcy.
by Meh. Go away. April 3, 2005
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The only place on earth where 13 year olds can kick the nuts of a man in a mouse suit and get away with it
The creepy ass mouse: hey kid

13 year old boy: (kicks mouses nuts)

The creepy ass mouse: (trying not to cry) have fun

Disney world: international hellhole or kicking grown men’s balls
by Pocycat 1 January 26, 2020
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The greatest place on earth. =P Often used to describe a great memory two or more people shared. Could be anything from "hugging" to "tap dancing", depends upon what is enjoyable to you. Most of the time it is used when you wanna tell people you did something fun but it's hard to explain why it was fun and you're too lazy to give all the disney world.
Friend: "Hey man, me and my girlfriend went to Disney world last night:)"
Man: "I thought you said you watched tv and ate popcorn?"
Friend: "We did, but I enjoyed it more than normal cause I had her there with me."
Man: "I see"
by El Immigrante March 23, 2005
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A mystical place where sex does not exist.
The last place I want to go for my honeymoon is Disney World
by alex from accounting September 22, 2011
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