todays modern slutt factory, producing plenty of anorexic conceded whores thats dumb teenage girls and fruity boys look up to.
gosh man onother disney movie! fuck! im tired of seing anorexix skanks in distress!
put mtv on. nevermind that's gay too.
by juancarlos January 10, 2006
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The Place You NEVER want to work or intern.
They over work you for almost no pay. Supervisors think they own you. And your basically a slave to a mouse.
Its way too hot to work outside and little kids scream and cry and beat you up when their parents aren't looking. Interns have to work like dogs and have TONS of unnecessary rules.
Disney is a vacation place, not a working place. Not such a happy place when you work there.
boy 1: I work at Disney World..
boy 2: COOL! I want to work at Disney World! sounds fun
boy 1: No!!!! don't do it you will ruin your life....FOREVER!!!!
by DisneySlave April 03, 2009
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V. to make something so family friendly it takes all the fun out of it.
1) They disneyed the party up something awful, no alcohol and it was over by 10!

2) I heard they're totally going to disney the music festival this year, quiet time in camp at 11, what the hell?!
by TwistedKitsune February 25, 2007
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Evil enterprise attempting to control the minds of the next generation and have the intention to take over every business on earth.
Disney will one day be the only animtaion company on earth
by King Cobra October 08, 2005
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An animation company which was formed in the early 20th century by Walter Disney and his brother. Since then it has produced some of the greatest animated films ever. Sadly, in the 1990s, it started to produce shit. With that shit came the dreaded 'High School Musical' (film making at one of its lowest points). Now, it is beginning to become one of the most powerful companies in the world. It buys every company or product in sight and is hellbent on world domination. Worst of all is their boss, Mickey Mouse. He is notorious for beating his workers and his infamous drug habits.
Disney was once a hard working company but now is just a rich corporation who could buy and sell Bill Gates five times over.
by Berserker24 April 06, 2010
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An entertainment company that used to be at least slightly entertaining.
Now it's total shit
They have crap like A.N.T farm and all that bullshit now.
Me: Disney used to have slightly good shows back in the day.
Other dude: I know right! Now they have crap!
Me: exactly!
by Demonic bro December 07, 2013
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