1. The sound when a bullet flies through the air, or someone lands a punch in an old Bollywood movie (like the old pow, bam in 1960s Batman)

2. Used similarly to the expression Mojo to refer to libido, self-confidence, style and sex-appeal. E.g. if Austin Powers had been Indian, he might have lost his Dishoom and not his Mojo!

The word Dishoom probably goes back to the 1975 Ramesh Sippy film Sholay with Amitabh Bacchhan which is considered to be a Curry Western and is the highest grossing film in Bollwood
I've lost my Dishoom!
by Bagha Jatin May 28, 2010
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Origin from Sri-Lankan Language.
-Meaning- (Verb)
1) A Sri-Lankan Term for Bang.
2) A word someone would say when imitating a loud crash and/ or banging sound. Or sound effect.
1) Steve: I heard a loud Dishoom sound last night.
1b) *Justin mocking Danny*
Justin: Yo Danny, I dishoomed your mom last night!
Danny: ...

2)*Tommy punches Chris*
Tommy: Dishoom!
by Mangos808 October 18, 2009
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"Dishoom" is the old sound effect used when someone would punch someone else(<i>a la</i> "pow!" or "bam!" or "sock!") in old Bollywood movies. Splendidly appropriated by Badmash.org's Flash parody of the 2004 Presidential debate.
"Who wants some dishoom?"
by Curt April 1, 2005
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The main sound effect for any violent scene in Bollywood movies.
*Man shoots other man*
*Man punches other man*
*Man falls down stairs*
by Mrs. Pornosaurus Rex December 26, 2008
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the exagerated sound of a gun shot in Bollywood movies. It's the common anamanapia (sp?) associated with a bullet flying through the air. DISHOOM!
In Sholay, when Amitabh keeps making gun fingers and saying "Dishoom, Dishoom!"
by Basim November 29, 2006
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An indian variant of the onomatopoeic sting "ba dum tsh", used to punctuate a pun or joke.
Dad: What did the Indian boy say to his mother as he left for school?
Kid: What?
D: Mumbai!
K: (Groan)
D: Pa dam dishoom!
by PaDamDishoom July 20, 2021
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