Disengaged (adj.): The state of being actively not engaged with a given undertaking, e.g. school.
"He was a disengaged student until they taught him how to throw a frisbee and he discovered hands-on learning"
"Yeah, nah, so... it was good."
by sillybilly69 August 15, 2016
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A description of a couple's true relationship status once divorce papers are filed.
Once my wife filed for divorce we became disengaged from each other and I refer to her now as my fiancenay.
by fiancenay June 10, 2016
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To cancel the previous plans of Marriage, and no longer be engaged.
by JackBauer2409 April 12, 2010
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A direct order given by a prison guard to an individual caught mid-penile exploration of another prisoners anal cavity or mouth.
Hey, you two! It stinks all the way down the tier. DISENGAGE!
by Lil2'high May 17, 2022
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The act of ending another person's engagement for them, with or without their consent.
"WHAT THE HELL. *yanks off ring* YOU ARE DISENGAGED!" -Shelliangel's Phantom of the Opera parody
by Arqueete August 21, 2005
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When you are taunted for being left out of a conversation about an approach to a problem or issue. For instance, if you are jockeying a bunch of horses and you do not make it out to the local chain restaurant or bar and subsequently miss out on a crucial conversation about the geldings. You are therefore approach the race at a disengaged angle.
(In an address to the disengaged) "you should be around here because you know what there is a lot of information being passed and you're missing it and I don't want you to be at a disengaged angle."
by THOF April 2, 2017
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A ring of visible coke residue around one or both nostrils, resulting in unfortunate consequences, such as losing a fiancé etc.
You hear Steve's girl kicked him out of the house? Apparently he come home at 6 am with some fat disengagement rings round his schnozz...
by B-Ly4real October 10, 2015
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