Don't trust these boys, you'll get attached and they will break your heart at any point. Know your worth.
by Insecure lol February 2, 2021
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a boy who is a bit edgy, and denies friends to be cool i guess ?
a bit off the radar

ur average teenager but “quirky”
you’re such a discord boy....
by cacaboy6969 February 16, 2020
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A discord e-boy is a teenage boy who spends the majority of his time on discord or playing bedwars. He will most likely have matching pfp's with some e-girl that he carries in bedwars. He has some e-boy minecraft skin and sweats every single game. He is very different irl and online. He is that kid at the back of the class that hardly talks and has no social life outside of school. He keeps his online life separate, and doesn't have any of the other kids in his school on discord.
"Omg there are so many discord e-boys on this server"
by katiasucksatbedwars May 25, 2021
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Discord full of E-Girls and E-Boys full of cringe edaters and pedos.
Haha these guys actually in Da Boys Discord ! What E-Daters
by Padrian1337 April 26, 2020
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1) The birthplace of the newest testament, The Book of Tom
2) A dictatorship ruled by fear
Jack: Hey come join Da Boys Discord Server!
by Oldheadass February 23, 2021
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