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When someone does not want to do a particular task and then does it in a very shoddy manner. By secretly doing a poor job on the task, the other party will become frustrated.

If you do a bad job enough times, others will stop asking you to perform this job.
Wife: Why is there still food on these dishes?

Husband: No there is not. I just cleaned them.

Wife: Then what is this? (pointing to egg yolk on the plates)

Husband: I guess I missed a few spots.

Wife: You ALWAYS miss MOST of the spots.

(Wife's internal monologue) - He is incapable of cleaning anything....I'll have to do it myself
Husband: Baby, you want me to do them again?

Wife: No thanks. If YOU do them again, I'll just have to show you what you missed AGAIN.

(Husband's internal monologue) - Yes! No more dishes.

Wife's therapist: So YOU are now doing the dishes because he "can't" clean them. You let him off the hook like that? Sounds like you got dirty-dished.

Wife: Literally


by Brian Kia Ora May 27, 2016
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