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A unique tequila shot. Rather than licking the salt, taking the shot, and biting the lime... One instead snorts the salt, takes the shot, then squirts the lime into their eye. The same effect is achieved, but it is much more entertaining to those around you!
Holy shit dude, did you hear that Jake had a Dirty Randy two nights in a row? The guys at the bar thought he was fucking insane!!!
by AHordeOfJews June 07, 2014
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When you mix cocaine and adderall
Friend One- "I got a gram of cocaine."
Friend Two- "I got an adderall!"
Friend Three- "YES!"
Friend Four- "YES!"
Friend Five- "YES!"
Friend Six- "That's a Dirty Randy!"
by ChloeMydia July 19, 2018
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When a guy has mean dirty nasty sex with a girl who is already in a relationship and therefore is cheating to get pleased on spot
This girl I know came up to me and said I'm horny, my bf doesn't please me enough so I gave her the Dirty Randy
by GoodBadboy21 October 27, 2013
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When you are too short to see a girls tits so you ask for nudes
Last night joe had to pull a dirty Randy because he is so short
by Pure savagery July 26, 2017
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its when all your friend does all day is sleep and jerk off
friend 1: ayo wyd td bro tryina chill

friend 2: nah my bad bro im bouta be dirty randy all day
by nackel August 21, 2019
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