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A term used to describe the act of taking your wife/girlfriend from behind and as she is begging for it harder and faster, you accidentally pull out too far and enter her anus rough and unexpectedly causing her to cry in excruciating pain then asking her if she is ok to continue so you can finish.
Last night I was banging the ole lady and things got a little out of control and I totally pulled a Dirty Moranchez her!
by RawDawg36 February 11, 2013
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Get head from a girl whose mouth is filled with warm nacho cheese (has to be from 7/11). As she blows you, you crunch the nacho chips into her hair and over her body.
"Oh man, you won't believe what I did after my shift at 7/11 last night, i totally dirty moranchezed that chick."
by Ivana Dirtymoranchez December 27, 2011
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You eat a bucket of chicken beforehand and you shit on the girls arm while jacking off. Then you blow your load on the girls arm atop the shit and then you get out your kit and sprinkle cocaine on the shit and cum. Then she takes a pixie stick straw and you make her snort the cocaine and cum should go through her nostril as well.
i gave a "dirty moranchez" to this one girl in bed and she said it was the most interesting thing she'd ever done
by Juan Moranchez August 19, 2006
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