Insular and conservative. If someone is Dinic, it means that they fear other nations, cultures, and belief systems. They often support confederate causes and are found in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, or Indiana.
President Trump pandered to dinic Americans, who feel “forgotten” by the mainstream media.
by Cool Nurt April 25, 2020
young sexy man who drives a transam
a alex dinic is so sexy
by beef lord September 7, 2021
1. To completely disagree with something.

2. The strongest form of disagreement one can express.
I dinicate with what you’re saying.

He’s always dinicatIng you can’t anything past him
by Miggal November 23, 2017
An excellent kid with a big heart and enjoys working on his physique and has a passion for cars.
Nick dinic meaning arias
by Derial March 7, 2022