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A common term used among the mer-people who live in the Atlantic Ocean. It refers to the human item commonly known as a fork. However, instead of using this item to eat as humans do, the mer-people (especially young mermaids) prefer to use this item to comb through their luscious locks.
Scuttle: "Wow! Look at this! Wow...this is special. Very unusual."
Ariel: "What?! What is it?"
Scuttle: "It's a....Dinglehopper!"
by elizabeth_j#471014 November 18, 2017
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Paper product used as a barrier against unwanted messes, such as the liner at the bottom of a bird cage.
Please put a New York Times under that before it gets all over the place.
by Phaedrus331 February 12, 2021
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the name scuttle from the Little Mermaid gave a fork
I am the little mermaid, i think i'll comb my hair with my dinglehopper
by Ruby December 06, 2003
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a fork. best described on the disney movie the little mermaid.
This here dingle hopper is for eatin'.
by xalcoholx March 13, 2006
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The fork ariel used in the little mermaid. As in this world we call it knick knacks or junk/trash
via giphy
by Briyance March 30, 2016
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a fork used as a hair brush
Hey that's not for eating, that's a dingle hopper, it's for brushing your hair.
by Kady Herron May 25, 2015
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