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Ariel (from Disney's film The Little Mermaid) calles a 'fork' a dinglehopper and uses it for her hair.

Ariel: I need to get a new dinglehopper! *Goes to Walmart*
Store clerk: Hello, how can I help you?
Ariel: I need a dinglehopper, could you show me where they are?
Store clerk: ?........
Ariel: For hair....
Store clerk: Ohhhhhhhhhhh. You mean a DINGLEHOPPER
Dinglehoppers are great for hair and food!
by Error666 March 11, 2017
There are many tall tales about the way in which hot dogs are made, but the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council is eager to tell the real story. First, specially selected meat trimmings of beef and/or pork - just like the meat you buy in your grocer's case - are cut or ground into small pieces and placed in a mixer.
What is a hot dog? Is it meat, plastic, human flesh? No one knows.
a frankfurter, especially one served hot in a long, soft roll and topped with various condiments.
"he's ordering a hot dog"
a person who shows off, especially a skier or surfer who performs stunts or tricks.
exclamationNORTH AMERICANinformal
used to express delight or enthusiastic approval.
"hot dog! I've finally found something I can do that you can't"
verbNORTH AMERICANinformal
perform stunts or tricks; show off.
"he chastised the dancers who'd been hotdogging"
by Error666 March 11, 2017