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A scientific instrument used to measeure dildons. Dildon is a derived term, like Newton, to represent dildoes per square foot.
Mr T: Whoa, I'm picking up 34 Dildons on my TI Super Dildometer!
Chuck Norris: Someone has alot of dildoes around here!!!
Your Mom: Oh, that's just me. ;-)
by Shouter December 19, 2007
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An abstract tool for measuring acts of douchitude on a subjective scale.
The "editors" of urbandictionary often break the dildometer scale when they reject my definitions for no good reason...including this one.
by BigEz April 08, 2010
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A tool used to measure the ROP (rate of penetration) a given dildo can achieve during use.

Pronounced "dil-dah-mih-ter"
Mechanics got back with my bout that faulty dildo.. His dildometer indicated it had an extremely low ROP! Time fer a new dilly!
by Multi-zone Completion December 10, 2010
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The dildometer is a device used to measure the velocity of any given dildo. i.e. the speed of a dildos movement when inserted into an orifice of the users choice.
Tom: What were your new dildo's ratings on the dildometer??
Jessica: My dildo was off the charts!! The dildometer read out the dildocity at an astonishing 100 dildons!
Tom: Wow! You gotta let me borrow that!
by butt chug January 02, 2016
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