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Noun: a diggle is a an accumulated array of junk, trinkets, or treasures, such as found at a garage sale or in ones basement. Diggle can contain useless junk or valuable items. Some people are drawn to diggle as they are looking for that diamond in the rough. People who antique are looking for that overlooked piece amongst all diggle for collecting purposes.

Verb: to diggle
Diggling can be an activity that describes a person searching through a closet, junk drawer, yard sale, basement or any other location containing a worthwhile amount of diggle. "We diggled that closet and didn't find anything we were looking for, but that sure was a lengthy diggle. We spent hours diggling".

Used to described a person. A person can have a natural inclination to diggle or knack for diggling. "Martha calls herself a creative artist, but she is just a diggling fool never finding just the right accessory".
Orginating in Tacoma WA at the height of the 70s, diggle was often used to describe those who were under the influence of meth and occupied their days searching through junk and other people's belongings in hopes of finding valuables they could exchange for more dope. Currently, diggle has lost the negative connotation and has come to mean any person or thing that relentlessly searches through things. The TV show Storage Wars, for example, demonstrates how many digglers make their livelihood diggling other people's abandoned diggle.
Diggle Treasure diamond in the rough junk searching digging methamphetamine Tacoma
by Diggle-liscious June 28, 2015
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To aimlessly root through anothers belonging while under the influence of a stimulus.
That girl always wants to Diggle through Lisa belonging while acting like she is cleaning.
by Jay kay777 April 23, 2017
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the button under the receiver on landline phones that is pressed to disconnect the call.
we are sorry the number you have dialled is not available, please send a text or try again, please press the diggle to disconnect the call.
by nikclarok October 06, 2011
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A word that can be used as a verb, noun, name, or anything the user feels like using it as.
It is common for "pop" to be added after the usage of "diggle" as a replacement for dude, man, or other "bro-names". There is only sexual connotation when applied.
Yo Alex, what up, diggle pop?

Oy, Diego, will you pass me some diggle?

Hey Jack, wanna go diggle later?

Schuyler, I hear you are a good diggler?

That man is one chill diggle.

by Sir Diggle Pop March 22, 2009
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A video of a dick wiggle sent to unsuspecting people
Don won't open my text anymore. He's afraid there will be a video of a diggle.
by Blayne-O November 28, 2015
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when you feel like an unimportant person and no one really needs you.
Gary: Hey Lisa have you ever felt like a diggle Lisa: I have felt like diggle ever since my brother was born
by crack bananas April 08, 2015
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