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Loves big asses. Loves environment. Asian, loves blue backpacks. Has hella white bitches, fucks on da daily. Small dick but makes up for it with smash stroke game
Diether is sooooo good in bed
by The girl with fire October 11, 2016
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Gay, fat, short, and retarded. Diether is the type of guy to suck dick for fun. He is weak, gets bad grades, and is the type to have never seen the sun in his entire life. Diether usually weighs about 400 tons. He sits in his room all day eating and playing video games. He is usually really bad at video games. These include rainbow six siege, any call of duty game, and any other video game to exist. He is a dumb faggot who doesn’t have a life.
Diether is a gay faggot who never goes outside.
by KVAKINGFX October 05, 2019
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