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A slang expression from the US Army, it originated during the Vietnam War and may be derived from the Vietnamese “di di mau", meaning to go quickly. Usage by American troops altered the meaning somewhat so that it referred to walking with dance steps or with an exaggerated swagger. It was used in the context of walking carelessly whilst on patrol in enemy territory, without paying proper attention to your surroundings and putting yourself and other members of the patrol at risk. The meaning later expanded to include moving or acting without considering other people.
When we out on patrol, that dumbass STRAC REMF gonna get us all killed with ‘is diddy bopping.
by AKACroatalin December 09, 2016
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To walk using dance steps; in the Vietnam War it was used to mean walking carelessly whilst on patrol, to move through enemy territory without paying attention to your surroundings and thus putting the other members of the patrol at risk.
By extension to move or act without considering the effect on others.
See that dumbass on point? Asshole's diddy bopping like 'e's in 'is own backyard! Fucker's gonna get us all killed!
Number ten! You gonna k-bar the fucker?
by Croatalin November 06, 2013
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