4 definitions by joepellegreeno

to have sexual relations with someone without being seriously commited
hey jo whats up with your girl?

that wasnt my girl i was just catchin wreck
by joepellegreeno August 3, 2019
Aint no thing to me we can shake real quick and settle it right now.
by joepellegreeno May 17, 2013
a dutch master cigar. originated in nyc
hey how you doin? let me get a diddy bop , you got i.d?, c'mon papi you see me here everday
by joepellegreeno November 17, 2012
When a person betrays a friend or group of people, to set trip while in a gang,.
Souljah boy is flipside because he fucks with people his friends dont fuck with,showing no loyalty.
by joepellegreeno May 12, 2013