A comeback said by mostly middle school boys when they know they have lost an argument but want the last laugh.
Sally: “And therefore, because of evolutionary proof, dinosaurs did in fact once exist.”
Jimmy: “DID I ASK???”
by Urbestfriendsmom February 8, 2020
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The most deadass annoying insult/comeback 9 yr old think there cool when they say it but there not
*convo about something else*
Greg:hey I got a new video game
Timmy:Did i ask
Everyone in the conversation:OHHHHH OHHHHHH
by Lofiman420 May 15, 2020
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A thing said by mostly middle schooler's that basically is a slang way of saying "why'd you tell me that, i didn't need to know that." but in more of a rude way
"Hey guess what i did? I went to a beach!! Yeah!!" Jamie said. Ron looked Jamie right in the eyes and said, "DID I ASK!!"
by H@B June 6, 2017
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The most annoying "come back" ever made. Usually used by 9-12 year olds.
John: Look, Daniel you have to do something, The project is due tomorrow and you haven't done anything.
Daniel: Did I ask?
by Infernoflame June 22, 2021
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If some one writes this they hate you and you should hate them . It is the most obnoxious thing ever
I just got new shoes.” “did I ask.”
by Ahumanwhatdoyoucare February 21, 2021
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Lame comeback that is used when you're losing an argument
guy 1: *makes a very good point for his completely valid argument*

guy 2: Did I ask
by I love femboys August 6, 2022
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A highly intellectual and deviating remake that will instantly kill anyone you use it agains
Zac: “Guys my Mum just beat me with a metal bat, please call childline”
Jack: “Did I ask”
Zac: *Dies instantly*
by Blotty October 30, 2020
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