A victim of the dick; typically caused by a dick that is too large or too small.
1. "Damn girl, I can barely walk today, I was a dictim of a guy that had a 12" cock. He ripped me a new hole!"
2. "Shut up ho! You're lucky! I was a dictim as well but only because I couldn't even feel the guy's dick enter me, it was 3" long and 2" of it was foreskin!"
by brentionary March 18, 2009
When you act like a dick, then play the victim when people call you out.
Cuomo acted like such a dictim when all the allegations started coming out.
by Jroge71 August 14, 2021
when you fuck a chick so damn well, you have to wipe her cum off your balls.
Dude, I totally reamed your sister so hard, I left that bitch dictimized.
by ethan bishop November 30, 2006
Some douche in a Hummer cut me off today. He made me his dictim.
by Jeffro2000 October 11, 2011
A dictim is a pormeantaeu of "Victim" and "Dick".

It refers to a person who see themselves as a victim in a situation, despite being the ones who caused or escelated it, because they're rightfully recieving consequences for their actions.
Person 1: "I can't believe that guy beat me up!"
Person 2: "I can: You got drunk and called him a pussy. Stop being a Dictim and get a life."
by PolyPixl09 January 8, 2022
When you get roasted online because you want the dicks all to yourself you are a victim of dick loving. You are a dictim.
Stef loves all the dicks she’s such a dictim.
by Ricflairwoo July 12, 2019
a person willingly receptive of penis but, when discovered publicly, openly expresses feelings of being sexually harmed, abused, raped or any other unwanted sexually explicit events or actions.
When he asked her the next morning how was it, she seemed surprised and startled. He then expressed to her, "Don't try and play dictim now, Becky"!
by NoSnoozeBruce May 7, 2018