A victim of the dick; typically caused by a dick that is too large or too small.
1. "Damn girl, I can barely walk today, I was a dictim of a guy that had a 12" cock. He ripped me a new hole!"
2. "Shut up ho! You're lucky! I was a dictim as well but only because I couldn't even feel the guy's dick enter me, it was 3" long and 2" of it was foreskin!"
by brentionary March 18, 2009
When you act like a dick, then play the victim when people call you out.
Cuomo acted like such a dictim when all the allegations started coming out.
by Jroge71 August 14, 2021
when you fuck a chick so damn well, you have to wipe her cum off your balls.
Dude, I totally reamed your sister so hard, I left that bitch dictimized.
by ethan bishop November 30, 2006
Some douche in a Hummer cut me off today. He made me his dictim.
by Jeffro2000 October 11, 2011
When you get roasted online because you want the dicks all to yourself you are a victim of dick loving. You are a dictim.
Stef loves all the dicks she’s such a dictim.
by Ricflairwoo July 12, 2019
When a person is a dick and then plays the victim.
He really needs to stop playing the dictim.
by Slugmo February 2, 2023
A dictim is a pormeantaeu of "Victim" and "Dick".

It refers to a person who see themselves as a victim in a situation, despite being the ones who caused or escelated it, because they're rightfully recieving consequences for their actions.
Person 1: "I can't believe that guy beat me up!"
Person 2: "I can: You got drunk and called him a pussy. Stop being a Dictim and get a life."
by PolyPixl09 January 8, 2022