Someone who is scarred of dick
Daxia gets nervous when she see's a dick, she suffers from dickphobia
by Rigam●rtis January 28, 2019
When one is afraid to touch thy dick
Boy: may you please suck thy dick

Girl: hey I don’t think I’m ready yet I might have dickphobia...
by Just a gal January 9, 2018
The fear that as you are in a restroom you will have gone entirely insane and not realize that as you walk out the entrance you penis will be hanging out for the world to see.
John: Dude, I have to pee like a racehorse!

Ben: Well just go already man.

John: No I can't go here I have dickphobia.
by Mansam August 12, 2008
Fear of dicks.
(aka lesbians)
"Bro, you have dickphobia?"

"Does that mean you're lesbian?"
"I thought you were American."
by lucianoo. May 31, 2020
Dickphobia is a word that I made up. Most people would say a fear of dick. Yes, that is one way you could use dickphobia. I also, use dickphobia as a way for I am scared of dicks but not only having one in me but what will happen after it's out of me. Will the person leave me ? Will, we never speak again, or will he tell the whole world! Everyone I have ever used dickphobia around always asks me what it means so here you go!
by Krissy100k November 16, 2018
Unusual fear of dick, usually is found in a chick who is in it for herself
I think this bitch has dickphobia.
by The giver April 9, 2003
It is all lesbians and most bisexuals biggest fear, a man's dick. It is an extreme phobia. When someone with the phobia sees a dick they pass out from utter disgust.
Maria and Rachel were walking down the street when they saw Trump strip dancing in a club, completely naked. As they both have dickphobia they passed out and are recovering in hospital.
by .ur.mum.69. July 15, 2021