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1: (verb) - To stop, interfere, or otherwise interrupt someone and their goals or intentions.

(Also see Cockblock)
"I was all up on this bitch...until this dude came over and just dickjobed me."
by Suo & Jay April 25, 2008
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somoeone whos being a total asshole
god hes being such a dickjob
by mak October 25, 2003
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the act of one person completely screwing over another so all their friends can laugh obnoxiously and point at the unassuming victim.....this is mainly performed after baseball practice in a blue mitsuibishi outlander by four boys who run naked in the streets and touch each other with no qualms
group of friends: "hey lets dick job that bitch walking her dog over there"
dickjobber: "hey hey excuse do you get to route 9?"
dickjobbee: "well you turn left onto 516 then go down three lights and veer off to the right...youll see the signs."
dickjobber: "ok so left, 3 lights, follow the signs?"
dickjobbee: "you got it"
dickjobber: "thanks...thank you so much....oh and by the way....SUCK A DICK!"
by CAP'N SAC May 08, 2006
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a sexual act much like a handjob in which the giver of the dickjob keeps their hand at crotch level, lubricated, and completely stationary. The recipient of the dickjob proceeds to fuck the stationary hand until satisfied and/or ejaculation is reached. This varies from the handjob in that the hand is stationary; in a handjob the hand moves to provide gratification, while in a dickjob, the dick moves to receive gratification. This is a popular sexual act among the gay, amish, and ginger communities.
"Did you see Ryan give that dude a dickjob at Jason's bar mitzvah? That shit was so fucking cash, bro. I wanted to be next up, but my dad cut me in line and I didn't have $10."
by Hans Kupholder May 13, 2009
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When two males rub their dicks together and whoever cums first is pronounced gay.
Dude, Dillon was giving @310beats a dickjob, and Dillon came first, so he's now gay!
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by 310meats June 07, 2018
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When you wrap your flaccid penis(because you're straight) around another man's erect penis and kinda job it up and down.
"Bro, I totally got a dickjob from John last night. He's not gay though."
by i made dickjob June 19, 2018
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