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A ball made of tape which then has dicks drawn all over it... usually creative dicks, such as dicks with bowties.
Today I was bored in class so i made a dick-ball.
by period F lunch March 19, 2009
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noun: derogatory comment; statement of being both a dick and balls.
hey there, dickballs, i'm trying to fuck your sister, get outta here!
by no August 17, 2003
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Slang word shouted in fustration or in suprise. Also used as a description of the male genitals area. Used often in online gaming, such as Call of Duty.
What the dick balls?
I kicked that guy in the dick balls!
Dick balls these guys suck at this game.
by I MAXAMILLION I April 18, 2009
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Just another offensive cuss word. The equivalent of dick, ass, asshole, bitch, bastard, shithead, shithole, assfuck, asshat, douchebag, I think you get the picture.
Old Lady: Give me back my moped, you dickball!
by Some chick named Fred December 10, 2005
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1. a ball composed of squished together dicks, much like a snowball.

2. a dick that is in the form of a ball, much like a bouncy ball, but being made of dick instead of rubber.
"That guy honestly came to my house, and drank all my alcohol, what a dickball."
by LaCross February 05, 2009
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is a word to discribe how cold it is. It is referenced to when a male's penis starts coming up inside him because it is so cold that that his dick is actually smaller than the balls.
It's frezzing Dickballs!
by BKTR February 29, 2012
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A nickname of a 4D geomtry called The Spherical Cylinder(spherinder). It looks different in different projections.
A:Look, it's a DickBalls!
B:No, DickBalls is 4D, it can't be seen by naked eyes!
Teacher(T):Stop Talking about naked people!
A&B:We're talking about naked eyes!
T: Oh
by SandaimeSpaceMan February 03, 2008
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