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1. How Good the male sex game is or is not .

2. An attraction towards the female anatomy.

3. Can be used for lame ass males .
1. Damn girl,i saw tyrone last night and his dick swag was impeccable .

2. Aye bro, shorty right there can catch the dick swag

3. Smh, that guys dick swag is on low .
by @DaKiddX February 10, 2011
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Bro #1: Yo Luan, how's you and your girl?
Bro #2: Pretty good, she gave me some serious bopping last night.
Bro #1: Whoa, dickswag!
by jizzmaster5k March 24, 2011
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The direction a male has to lean to either the right or left when urinating free hand to maintain a constant urine flow into the toilet bowl. Every male has their own personal dick swag.
Last night was crazy man, I don't know what happend but I had to piss down the hall and around the corner to maintain my dick swag.
by Matt Romans February 14, 2006
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