Marine Corps jargon for the body part that begins at the wrist and ends at the fingertips. Also known as a hand.
Get your damn dickskinners off of my car! I just spent ten dollars to have it washed.
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They designed this machine to keep your dickskinners away from the moving parts.
by Nigga B April 25, 2003
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The derogitory slang for ones hands. Often referring to someone who has just masturbated or is known to masturbate excessively.
Mike: Hey jonny
Jonny: Yo
Mike: You wanna help season the chops?
Jonny: Sure, let me use the restroom real quick.
Mike: Make sure you wash your hands, i don't want your dick skinners all over the food.
by Jonny on the SPOT! May 13, 2017
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