Female: "So what's your name?"
Dick: "Dick Long Johnson."
Female: "Let's go to my place"
by Dick Long Johnson June 28, 2012
A douche bag with a long nose and you assume he has a small dick
Wow jerry is such a short dick long nose kinda guy am I right??!
by Sleezychicken February 11, 2017
Did you see Blake’s luscious Long Dick.
"Yeah child, Blake’s Long Dick penetrated me.”
by Long schlongeroni July 22, 2019
by DeAris/Hi Johnson January 9, 2017
to bend a female (or possibly male, but unlikely in this instance) companion over a surface, and insert one's elongated member inside either of her lower orifices and repeatedly penetrate them
Harry bent over a fine ass ho and long-dicked that bitch in the ass
by hungandslung25 March 3, 2010
When the incoming ECC bends you over and gives you every inch of that long dick.
Josh, I can't believe he's long dicking you again.
by Posa August 16, 2015
Long-Dicking / Long-Dicked < verb-adverb>. ; 1) Long-Dicking is , THe act of Showing another player/person up in whatever activity he/she is playing. 2 Long-Dicked is after a player has been embarrassed by another person
Patrick " Long-Dicked" Adam last night at the basketball game when he blocked Adams's last four Shot attempts and won the game.

Patrick was "long-Dicking" Adam the entire game.
by Cake.Slaughter July 14, 2022