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to bend a female (or possibly male, but unlikely in this instance) companion over a surface, and insert one's elongated member inside either of her lower orifices and repeatedly penetrate them
Harry bent over a fine ass ho and long-dicked that bitch in the ass
by hungandslung25 March 03, 2010
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When someone always has to out do and one up you no matter what the topic is. Usually you and everyone around knows this person and knows they are fabricating this and most other stories.
Jimmy: I bought a donkey yesterday, she's really cute.

Todd: Oh yeah, I slept with THREE donkeys last night and you know what, they said I was the best they ever had.

Jimmy: Damn.

Joshua: He "Longdicked" you again, will it ever end?
by Mr. D. Butter May 09, 2010
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