the thick milk that comes out of a mans penis
guy: Hey babe do want to taste my dick cheese.
girl: Oh honey you don't even have to ask me that question
by KMS_Exinity 2 December 16, 2019
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when there's a yellowy substance surrounding the shaft and pee hole of a penis causing a massive build up of crusty grossness.
adam was terrified of the dick cheese he discovered crowding his package.
by vanksie November 06, 2010
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1. A viscous chunky substance found on the penis and surrounding area made of sweat, skin flakes, stale urine, clothing lint and other particles the penis may come in contact with. The cheese becomes more potent the longer the male goes without bathing.

2. A person who is in every way unappealing. They often do not bathe causing a large amount of "cheese" to accumulate around the groin. This person usually comes from a long line of inbreeding. The Dick Cheese is usually quite stupid and has no social skills, they also feel a unwarranted self righteous, superiority to all around them. They can not preform even the most medial task, and they complain when anything is asked of them. The dick cheese does not get out of bed until around 2pm due to a need of at least 16 hours sleep per day (this stems from a need to maintain their 50+ lbs over weight physic).

3. Dick Cheese(d) when someones laziness and incompetence completely messes everything up.
1. Holy hell, Quinn didn't wash his hands before making my sandwich and now it's covered in dick cheese.

2. The power was shut off because Louis is too much of a dick cheese to got pay the bill.

3. I would ask Malcolm to go do the shopping but he would just dick cheese it up.
by phatvond May 27, 2014
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a word or phrase randomly said to break the silence, also means when you have sex with a female at night then go to work the next day and eventually develop a white filmy substance on your pubic hair.
dude, I got some major dick cheese going on,, finally need to wash up.
by Bause Dragon April 28, 2011
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A pronoun used to belittle an opponent. Also pronounced Dick Cheeze.
"Way to go Dick Cheese!"
by Carlos Caliente December 01, 2005
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Ejaculant that is frozen into a cheese substance
I came home from school and saw my brother making dick cheese.
by Dickcheesemghee September 20, 2015
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