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A man who Beats The Pussy(Vagina) Up. A who man gives a woman a good fucking in other terms getting up in them Guts!!!!!!!!!!!
Also a man who sexually satisfies a lot of women. A man that gives her a lot of orgasms before he bust his big load on her.
Woman: Hey Zaddy

Man: Hey lil mama ready for me

Woman: Yes, you gone fuck me good

Man: Baby, That shouldn't even be a question

Woman:(snickels,or laugh) Why not(seductive voice)
Man: Gurl you know imma Dick Slanger(aggresive voice)
Man: Grabs woman ass and squeezes

Woman: Hah(gasp in suprise but likes it)

Man: Picks her up and takes her to the landry room and close the door shut
Man:Fuck this pussy tight!!!!
Woman: Oh Yes Zaddy!!!!!!!!
Noises from Landry room: Clap!!! Clap!!!!! Clap!!!! Uhhh!!!! Shit!!!!! Fuck!!!!!

I think yall get it by now .....
by Ole' Reliable April 22, 2018
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To slang a lot of dick to many women. A guy who has lots of sex with different types of women.
Person 1: Hey you know Joe?
Person 2: Oh yeah, he's a real dick slanger huh?

Person 1: So what are you doing today?
Person 2: Oh you know just out here dick slanging.
by Captain Dick Slanger January 26, 2011
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Term comes from the term for a gun fighter in the old west,gun slanger.
A guy that uses his dick like a gun fighter uses his gun and fucks woman after woman.
by Judge dreed7 April 05, 2011
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