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An upgraded version of a gold digger. Gold diggers are mid level money grabbin' hos. Diamond miners are once that really go for the tycoons and billionaires. The highest ranking gold digger. A highly successful gold digger. As diamonds are worth more than gold.
Yo check out that young girl married to the 80 year old Billionaire. Man she ain't a gold digger, that's a diamond miner!

Gold diggers are obsolute, being a diamond miner is where it's at.
by Mikey Mk June 27, 2011
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The sexiest most dangerous of all gold diggers. A successful gold digger that targets billionaires and celebrities. They are ruthless as they only care about money while being good at getting what they want. Will not hesitate to leave you after she drains your finances, health, dignity, and soul.
"See that hot 19 year old with the CEO of x company?" Dan says, "Man that's one fine diamond miner."

Poor Bill died penniless from suicide after his wife left him for some punk kid while taking all his money from the divorce. No chick that loves a man would ever do that. What a diamond miner.
by Moozers Cow August 13, 2011
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A variation of the coal miner. when fisting the person and grabbing the turd, just before extraction donkey punch the individual.
Jared thought that Josh was going to give him a special Valentines gift. Little did Jared know that Josh and Richie were experianced 'alternative' diamond miners.
by CoxHall Master March 21, 2007
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