Normally a Diago is a tall mix raced human from London. He is big and scary and a force to be reckoned with. A Diago is a kind hearted individual who can take jokes and also make the best jokes. He is sexy and has a massive pecker that would make any girl scream for more. If a diago comes past In your life, don’t lose him because he won’t come back
Wow did you just see diago walk past. He’s a dreamer
by Larrysaurusrl Rex February 3, 2020
Sexiest person who you will ever meet and has a massive pecker. He’s so kind and lovely to everyone he meets. Treat him well because you will never meet someone like diago
Wow Diago is a dreamer
by Larrysaurusrl Rex February 3, 2020
the sexiest man alive great in bed hes a huge romantic funny always wears a hoodie and is a huge gentlemen and super sweet never let him go
oh my gosh diago handed me his sweater
by kirito31 January 29, 2020
a black Mexican; a black hispanic; mixed African-American
'' Tell that diago I said to bring his mixed ass over here!''
'' I call him diago cuz he's mixed.''
by jumpstreet November 14, 2013
Of course discovered by the Germans. THey called it, "San Diago", which, of course in German means a whale's vagina. It DOES NOT mean Sanit Diego. In fact, scholars maintain that the true translation has been lost.
San Diago! Drink it in! It always gows down smooth.
by Azteca October 4, 2007