The asshole you decides to take up two parking spaces in a busy parking lot because they think someone may park too close to their beaten up ghetto-mobile.
"That Diago-Bastard parked across two parking spots, I am never gonna get to the blue-light special in K-Mart."
by Krista-Lise May 6, 2005
Giving someone a kiss while they're taking a shit.
Stan: "Well I'm gonna go to the John"
Roger to his "date": "Come on! Go give him a San Diago Thank You!"
by NeophileX April 20, 2010
Usually a Diago is a nice person.but once you get to know him he is a very dark person and he also hates fat people and is a racist
You see Diago he is so sexy
by Joebidensballsack November 21, 2021