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Devo, Domed, Snaked and Ledg.
These following words are primarily used by slow, primitive and often under-educated country folk to help describe things that their vocabulary would otherwise not include.

1) "Devo": To be emotionally shattered or crushed by some form of event.

2)"Domed": To physically attack a fellow yokel. This act is rather common due to the severe lack of intelligible communication skills that bumpkins possess.

3)"Snaked": To be tricked or conned. Due to hicks generally having low and under-par IQ, this technique can easily be used on even the cleverest of them.

4)"Ledg": To be seen as a superior or 'sic' person, amongst the redneck community.
Devo, Domed, Snaked and Ledg.
(Devo)- "G'day mate, how's it goin'?" "Aw pretty devo. Me ute died on me. It was only the 3rd aboriginal I hit today."

(Domed)- "Now see here Bazza, give me back my whip! I need it to impress the homosexual cowboys with the loud crack-like sound. That's it! You're domed!"

(Snaked)- "Hey you! Why are you stealing one of my sheep" "Oh, I'm just seeing how heavy it is." "Fair enough." A classic example of 'snaking' a country washout.

(Ledg)- "Man, that Lee Kernigan is such a ledg. If he wasn't married to a woman, I'd like to give him a nice, big bull-ride." As seen by this example, raging homosexuality is rife throughout their society.

And finally, a collaboration of all emphasised words- "Did you go to the rodeo on the weekend?" "Nah bruz, I forgot. Had to plough the fields" "Devo bruz, just devo." "Anything sic happen?" "Yeah, one of the rodeo clowns got domed by the bull. Probably will spend the rest of his life in a wheely-chair" "Ha, sounds like he got snaked into paralysis." "Yeah, must be devo." "Oh and Casey Chambers was there. She's sucha ledg." "No kiddin', one very fine hick-chick."

Hopefully, by reading these definitions, you can leave here with a little bit more information of knowing how to decipher the foolish and moronic language that is used by hillbillies nationwide. Goodluck
by THTE September 17, 2007
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