The name for tarot coined by pearl-clutching midwest church goers...
Those kids are using the devil's uno again
by The real devil's uno April 17, 2021
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The streaks left on the sides of the toilet bowl after an explosive bowel movement, particularly after the first flush.
Them: I’ve already flushed twice and there’s still shit stuck on the toilet

Me: That’s the Devil’s Graffiti, baby. You can’t deface what’s already been defaced.
by link1ater July 26, 2021
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Even the wicked noun should be given the credit due to him
In spite of all his wickedness,he has helped you;the devil should be given his due

To give the devil his due
by Ankiy January 29, 2021
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Making a devil’s crockpot is when you drop a deuce after taking a piss, and then masturbate and finally cum on your shit and piss. It is the abomination known as a devil’s crockpot.
(Flushing during the process does not count)
Person 1: Dude, last night I went over to Jeremy’s house to make a devil’s crockpot in his mom’s toilet. I didn’t flush it, and blamed it on Jeremy. The look on his face was priceless.
Person 2: 😳
by Professor TinkleDick July 20, 2022
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