October 30. A Detroit-area "tradition" originally centered around pranks like egging windows and cars, destroying property, or TP'ing houses; in the mid 1970s these relatively harmless but annoying acts were mostly replaced by widespread arson, peaking in the 1980s when up to 800 fires would be reported in a single night. More recently, the city has organized a so-called "Angel's Night," where volunteers patrol neighborhoods to prevent and report crimes. The effort has been somewhat effective, and is taken so seriously that news stations almost never use the original term anymore, in an attempt to show support for the volunteers.
You might want to stay in... it's Devil's Night, after all.
by progamer124 September 30, 2005
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1. A detroit city tradition, its a day right before halloween, most people then go around pranking houses like tipi'ing them, or doing whatever, I dont know because I'm not from Detroit.

2. An album by the legendary rap group D12. Released in 2001 and was their debut (first) album. It was namedright after the holiday in Detroit because D12 is from Detroit.
1. It's Devil's Night Woohoo! lets go prank that mean old guy!

2.Guy 1: Dude have you heard that Devil's Night album by D12?

Guy 2: Yea, it was the shit. D12 rules!

Guy 1: I know right!

*guy 1 and guy 2 do a highfive*
by D12 for life October 6, 2009
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An activity done the night before haloween, where idiots tourch abandoned homes. Originally started in Detroit.
Your scared of haloween? What about devils night? Now thast something to worry about!
by =PaRtY_BaG= July 22, 2004
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the notorious night before Halloween in which the city’s relentless youth run amok in a barbaric fashion
If it's Devils Night yall niggas need to stay indoors
by AC February 28, 2004
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The night of october 30th.
It began in the detroit area and spread to the reat of the country.
It involves everything from a harmless prank to burning buildings and is also celebrated by teens holding Black mass in secluded wooded areas ect.
Are you celebrating Devil's night this year?
by Deep blue 2012 September 21, 2009
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When you go out the night of halloween and tepee,egg houses, or any other form of vandlisim. but some people have taken to far by burning down houses. It has now been changed in detroit to angels night which one year decreased crime by 30%.
Dude lets go smash some pumpkins on devils night!
by g00000000000000gle bob October 29, 2006
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