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also known as Burundanga. It is arguably the worlds most sinister drug. Under its influence you remain lucid and articulate yet absolutely compliant to any suggestion. When your 'trip' is over, you have no recollection of what has transpired. The "Devil's Breath" is an admixture of Scopolamine, a chemical that was experimented with, for its interrogative properties, by both the C.I.A. and Josef Mengele. For at least the past two decades, Burundanga has been a major component of Colombia's criminal element.
"I must have used Devil's Breath last night, cause I have no idea where I was or how this chick got into my bed."
by star_hair November 02, 2009
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The misfortune of having your partner (either girl or guy) fart during the course of 69-ing.

Describes the noxious toxic cloud that inevitably enters your mouth thus tasting and smelling like you just went down on the devil himself.
**parp** ewww... what was that......whats that taste..... did you just Devil's Breath me?!!!!
by Lucifer69ER March 05, 2009
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The act of one person sticking 2 straws in their asshole and inserting the other ends of the straws in someone elses nostrols. Next the person farts and the one with the straws in there nose blows the fart out through there mouth. Thus creating Devil's Breath.
Sally and John were extra kinky so decided to get out the old drinking straws and give eachother devil's breath
by A berk August 24, 2005
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When he or she enters the bathroom after three consecutive shits have been taken. Thus, compiling the odor of three shits, hence the term "Devil's Breath"
Damn! I just came from the bathroom and it had the worst Devil's Breath.
by Rohin_ April 16, 2013
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