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Burundanga is often used in spanish when someone has placed a spell on you or casts a magik spell on you. Similar to Hoodoo, Voodoo, Magic, Witchcraft, Woosaaah.
If you do not want to fall under his spell, than don't drink his coffee. I bet he made it with that Burundanga.
by HexDoll June 21, 2018
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1)A show that used to make the shittiest jokes you can imagine.
2)Used to make fun of people that makes stupid jokes.
1)We will pretend to be cops and make her crap on her pants!!!
2)Angel D.:There were 100 hobbits.One of them found a magic lamp so he rubbed it.A genie appeared and told them he would grand them 1 wish.Each one wished to be a full grown human,except for the last one that wished that each one of them were a hobbit again. LOLOLOLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'D
by MetalNewbie October 28, 2004
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