The most amazing, intelligent, and perfect person. Someone who lightens up your day just with her smile. She truly embodies the meaning of the name; Goddess. She is someone you always want to be around, someone who loves and is loved by all she meets.
by 374729 April 29, 2012
hardworking and ambitious girl that can achieve anything she sets her sights on. she cares immensely for her family and friends. she's always on the hunt for a new restaurant!
"This girl in school is so smart man"
"Oh yeah? That's Devika for you"
by Raghav A. August 14, 2018
typing this out cause I thought the definitions here were really weird.
Devika can be a name, and the words root is from India, not 100% what language, but probably Sanskrit.
Devika straight up means "little goddess" that's it. Devi is the root word meaning god. Most commonly it is a girls name, but don't be shocked if you meet an enby or boy Devika. If you're English speaking the only time you'll come in contact with this is most likely as a name. Pronounced most commonly like "dave- e - kah" the D with a "th" feel of mouth formation but still a D.
Devika was my next door neighbor.
by DRVR123 January 29, 2021
The most amazing, perfect, sweet, smart, beautiful and sexy girl in the universe. Always smiling and kind to all.

Meaning of the name: Goddess
Devika <3
by K4evur September 8, 2010
The very definition of "sex". She is an elegant brown bish that is so sweet, she tastes like a brownie. You know you can talk to your Devika about anything because she is too nice to say "Go Away!". Your Devika can be such a tease at time's but her fun energetic personality is enough to make your day. "Devika-" can be used as a prefix of other words to describe her.

For Example:
1) To call your Devika a "cutie", simply call her "Devikutie".
2) To call your Devika "crazy", just say "Devikrazy".
3) To call your Devika a "cunt" when she's being sassy, scream "Devikunt"!
by Devika's_Stalker May 15, 2014
The most seggsiest, most amazing, most wonderful gurl I have ever met, the perfect one for me. My first nd last. She's too sweet and loyal, a rare gem. She's a horny freak which makes it more fun to do her :D
Senpai: Devika's bf is a fucking retard :)
Yoazu: ikr :)
nibba: ._.
by Nibbi's Nibba ๐Ÿ˜ฉ September 15, 2021