The best and most beautiful person that has the potential to totally change your life. This person is like God in some ways. Follow them and become like them. Spiritual and happy all the time. Oh yeh, and it means the BODY OF GOD.
Me: Man my life is so hard and I am getting nowhere.
Friend: Why don't you follow Devang he has the potential to change your life and get somewhere.
by DevstarV February 27, 2020
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Bro hes such a Devang sometimes.
Devang is a really nice guy.
I wish u were a Devang.
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Devang is a wannabe black brown boi. Who trys to be cool but the only thing cool about him is his head because his hair line be retreating faster than Germans from Russia in WW2
Devang: what up niggas
by lovehandleat20 December 15, 2018
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- Your fellow Pickering Uber driver
- Kaka Mufasaaa
- Upcoming businessman
-Proper Gujarati ^
-Favourite CF :)
Aala re aala Devang aalaaa
by January 25, 2022
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Devang is an emotional man. A man who is truly attached to his family and friends. A guy who will never leave your hand in the middle of the road. Sweet, Caring, Loving, can sometimes spit fire but comes around. Truly the best person to have in your life.
Man, I cannot believe how much that man works for his family.

Yeah, He's a Devang.
by GirlNextDoor5 September 10, 2013
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Indian name for a boy,meaning "part of God or one with the God". Boys named Devang generally grow up to be kind,warm,diplomatic,charming but all with a constant struggle of mind, it's also pronounced as debang, dewang, devank (different accent, different pronunciation)
Interviewer: so what's your name?

Applicant: devang

Interviewer: unique name, YOU are hired?

My name is not devang, I am Rahul devang is a distant cousin of mine who is about 15years younger than me And I named him
by Rahul1804 July 17, 2023
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