The taste that can be transferred telepathically from one human to another while’mst high
Friend 1: Hey Jonny boi, do you taste.. DETERGENT!?
Jonny boi: “You fucker!! I do taste it, and now it’s gonna be stuck in my mouth for hours!! :(
by OTJdog November 27, 2018
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1. A a common household chemical used in cleaning.

2. On the street, the above is sometimes mixed with, or substituted for, drugs. Household detergent is chosen because it is an inexpensive and can be found in a white powder.
"Yo, that mutha fucka on the corner be cuttin his shit wit' detergent!"

"The problem became increasingly urgent, since the product was nothin' but bags of detergent."

-The Gza

"So Owen every morning before he sell dope
Niggaz keep whoopin' that ass cause he sell soap. "

-50 Cent
by TheChampion August 24, 2006
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Emily: What are we doing tonight?

Laura: Doing laundry. ;)

Emily: Great. Where's the detergent?
by Garlic Hummus April 1, 2009
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Killing one's own self by mixing common household products to produce hydrogen sulfide gas. Based on the Japanese technique which used detergent as an ingredient.
Detergent suicide is quickly replacing carbon monoxide poisoning as Japan's preferred suicide method and is slowly catching on in the United States.
by amk6897 October 20, 2009
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Something that I'm addicted to
Me: *opens laundry detergent box and starts sniffing*
Also me: * gets sore nose and bad sneezing*
by Danethemane August 28, 2020
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Another name for coke, cocaine,etc.
Yo, Steve can you get me sum of that Laundry Detergent?
by R4G1NGERM4N November 14, 2011
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