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An all-at-once makeout session between a male and two Brazilian girls
Friend 1: "Yo what'd you do last night?"
Friend 2: "Not much. Had a Brazil triangle in a frat basement."
by OTJdog March 11, 2017

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The act of pursuing either male or female buttholes for sexual or non-sexual purposes
Friend 1: "Dog we were straight up scheming butthole today!"
Friend 2: "Yeah dude, we schemed those beaches for every butthole we could find!"
by OTJdog March 26, 2017

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A hole located in the backside of the boxers of an individual who puts his/her boxers on backwards
*group enters hot tub*

Friend 1: "Look at this clown! He put his boxers on backwards!"
Friend 2: "Would'ya look at that! I've got an ass flap!"
by OTJdog March 26, 2017

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The taste that can be transferred telepathically from one human to another while’mst high
Friend 1: Hey Jonny boi, do you taste.. DETERGENT!?
Jonny boi: “You fucker!! I do taste it, and now it’s gonna be stuck in my mouth for hours!! :(
by OTJdog November 27, 2018

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