A sexually transmitted disease contracted by the innocent act of sharing a dessert.
I swear I wasn't cheating. I just got desserpes from the tiramisu I shared with Jill last week.
by azcreativecrew November 9, 2015
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"Depressed" backwards. You could say it when you don't want to say the actual word to try to be discrete.
Person: I am desserped because my cat/dog/hamster/fridge died/was run over/stopped working
by KayMarie333 October 21, 2019
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To be really happy About something great that’s actually not great
John: “I’m hella depressed, man. Karen left with my kids.”
Frank: “Nah, man, you’re actually desserped because you’re free from those little f*ckers.”
by BigboiFeds January 13, 2019
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Desserped, Depressed Backwards, You’re probably scared to say that you are depressed and need a Therapist.

AHAHA, I have nothing to do, so I will just search up desserped in Urban dictionary

Hooman 1: ey

Hooman 2: what the fuck do you want NOW?


HOoman 2: what th-

Hooman 1: grabs gun

The end, hooman 1 is ded
I am desserped, That’s why My mom took me to a therapist.
by UwOそお November 6, 2020
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