When something is shit or when a situation sucks
her swag is dess

dude: yoo is she good in bed?
friend: naw she's dess
by YungToronto January 18, 2012
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Dess were do start! Dess are the most Nicest people always down to be your friend! Dess always have some thing good that you can keep! I learned that at a young age! Dess can be very sneaky but in a fun way! Always down to try new things always been popular and good to go!! Dess are always we'lling to give the shirt off there back!! Dess can be very loyal to the people they love!! Dess love blance!! In the would and in the life's! If you ever run bye a dess plz tell her to phone home!!
Dezz are just sweet people!! Hi dess
by Blow me jjvgmkgg August 07, 2018
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a shorter slang term for dessert eagle
what kind of gun is that, its a desse
by babyjesus15 November 25, 2009
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a term used when putting a dessicant in a covid test strip
Guys the strips are ready we need a "dess" in the flow wrap
by 4realmike December 05, 2020
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The act of being a 'Des' or 'Designated Driver' for multiple people or groups for a little cash.
Hey if you know anyone dessing tonight, could you send me their information.
by UnUrbanDictionary July 03, 2021
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