Fayaz is despondent when Anthony misses their 3:30 PM hug appointment. See also: inconsolable.
by BrandonWalsh April 9, 2014
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A state of depression. Unblissful.
despondent, distracted, your vicious, and romantic
by zZz_Jinxy_zZz January 11, 2007
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adjective, refers to someone being unhappy
Example 1: why are you so despondent with everything I try to do?

Example 2: S/he is so depondent with everything going on in his/her life.
by cecile poisedon May 30, 2009
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Johnny was despondent because his IQ was 4.
by Fred Jung. October 17, 2003
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A person who is not happy and smokes cat bums
Roleld Mc Doneld
by Queen of Australia March 19, 2003
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