A person who is seen as an outsider to a group of people also seen asome lonley.
"Dude that guy is such a Deshaune"

"One day you'll be such a Deshaune
by DepressedKid69 April 1, 2017
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A nerd who is trained in the art of club penguin and jutsu. If anyone fucked with this man they would get chidori into next week. His power is so great he cannot attract females
Its DeShaun the Mighty Hokage
by Mcjuggerhuggers52 March 14, 2017
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He is one of Detroit's most amazing and creative emcees. Formerly known on the Detroit scene as Maximum, the artist also had many aliases such as Derty Harry, Big Proof, Proof, Oil Can Harry.

Mainly known as Eminem's hype man and a member of the D12 group, Deshaun Holton has a lot of underground work with many Detroit artists at his active, such as 5ELA, Dogmatic, Iron Fist artists etc...
Proof s best known CDs are I Miss The Hip Hop Shop, Grown Man Shit, Promatic and Searching For Jerry Garcia.

The artist has also worked with mainstream artist such as 50 Cent and B Real of Cypress Hill, for instance.

Unfortunately, his promising career was cut short when he was fatally shot at the infamous CCC Club in Detroit on April the 11th, 2006 over an argument.

Deshaun Holton is the living proof of hip hop
by Isabelle Esling October 12, 2007
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Deshaun Watson: There is no massage, now take off your clothes.
"There is no massage, now take off your clothes." - Deshaun Watson
by Skinnynate April 12, 2021
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One of the NFL’s best young quarterbacks who plays for the Houston Texans. He wants out of the Texans because they are a poverty franchise.
Deshaun Watson is the best quarterback in the Texans’ franchise history.
by marquiseschuster February 28, 2021
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