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A Major League Baseball player who was drafted sixth overall in the 1992 MLB Amateur Draft. A perennial All-Star and current captain of the New York Yankees, Jeter is a terrific hitter who has frequent troubles defending his position at shortstop. He won four World Series titles as a member of the Yankees between 1996-2000. He is often credited with having great intangibles, although this is all speculation since these qualities cannot be measured. Also known for his handsome looks and mulatto ancestry.
Objective fan #1: "Derek Jeter occasionally costs the Yankees runs because of his inability to make effective plays on balls hit to his right."

Objective fan #2: "Yes, but he makes up for it because he is excellent at the plate and is able to work the count and get on base."

Objective fan #1: "I agree."
by Timothy Riel October 14, 2008
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