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To kill an otherwise good conversation with an abnormally stupid or unecessary comment that is not in any way relavent to the conversation.

(May be used as an adjective, ei; to be dephonicated by killing the conversation)
"OMG dave get out of here, you are so dephonicated!"
"OMG DAVE you just completely dephonicated our conversation!!!"
by Maddie0020 January 10, 2008
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An adjective given when someone has mistakenly made themselves look dumb by saying something abnormally stupid in a conversation. Someone who disrupted, or killed, the conversation with a bad joke or comment.
"Dude! Guess what!"
"Chicken butt!"
"...You are really dephonicated, do you know that?"

by Maddie M. November 06, 2007
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