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The swift and painful removal of all teeth. The instument used in this operation is a ten eyed steel capped pair of Doc Marten boots. This usually happens when you piss off followers of these paticular groups: Boneheads, Skinheads, and Oi kids.
The emo kids with their AFI shirts just signed up for a "doc marten dental plan" when they called the group of skins fags.
by Alcore September 22, 2006

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When someone is at a Salt Lake City hardcore show and a straight edge kid with a razor blade slashes a X on their back. This is to signify that this is a Straight Edge show you you should not be there.
The Hippie stoner got what was coming to him when he went to an Earth Crisis show and got a "salt lake slash."
by ALcore September 24, 2006

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A skinhead who, regardless of political affiliation, has not earned their laces, braces, or whatever needed to gain notoriety in their crew.
"Oi prick look at the fresh cut causin' a fuss."
"don't tell me what the fuck ya freshie bastard"
by alcore June 10, 2008

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Greatest fuckin city in the USA. Too many god damn mormans. There is nothing to do, gets too cold then too hot in about one week. Yuppies are everywhere. Good hot rod scence. Punk scence rules the west. When bands from out of state come here they usually get beat up. I.E. Dropkick Murphys a few years ago and Casualities a few weeks ago.
Fuck LA, Boston, and New York; This is salt Lake.
There are a lot of losers in salt lake city, ut
by ALcore September 26, 2006

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"Hardcore" punk kids who sew safety pins of various punk bands on a denim vest. They are usually pussies but will glare at you anyways.
Most Vest Punks listen to the Adicts and get beat up by skinheads.
by Alcore September 22, 2006

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