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Denisia is the kind of girl who's hard to understand. She's extremely versatile with her style and is ubber confident, but you wouldn't know this unless you are one of the people that she has graced with her time, attention and trust. She's outspoken, blunt and crazy fun. She loves to laugh but does not give her trust or love freely. If you ever meet a Denisia be patient and get ready cause when she gets comfortable she's CRAZY!
Damn girl you as crazy as a Denisia!
by butterfly59 December 25, 2011
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A Denisia is a sweet girl and she loves everyone but she doesn’t give you her love unless your one of the people she gives open arms too, you can’t have her trust like that, you have to earn it, just be careful because if you do something out of line of her trust good luck trying to get her trust back. Denisia has dark brown eyes, almost black as her pupils at night. She has brown-blackish hair, she loves boy clothes, and hates dresses unless it’s for special occasions. If she becomes your girlfriend, you better treat her right, text her every morning every night saying good morning beautiful and good night beautiful, if she says something nice to you, tell her you love her and your so happy you have her as your girlfriend, other wise if you say something like “okay” she will think you don’t love her at times and cry, she will ALWAYS want hugs from you, so make sure you do it. and if she’s mad at you or you made her cry about what you said over text just go kiss her it will make her so happy (on the lips), and if your at school and it’s recess or lunch after you guys go back to class kiss her on the cheek and say you love her and go to class, that’s what a Denisia would want and love l. Denisia’s are weird and crazy so once you have become one of her closest friend that she admires don’t be too creeped out because she will get weird when she’s comfy. If you ever meet a denisia be ready for anything cause she’s unpredictable
Omg! She looks like a Denisia
by ~-_I_tell_the_truth_~- June 05, 2019
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